We value our Customers and proud to be part of your project by providing quality products and backed up by excellent after sales services.

Pressurization Units

  • Reflex Germany
  • Locally Packaged Pressurization Units

Air Elimination & Control Products

  • Air Separators - Reflex Germany /American Wheatly USA
  • Air & Dirt Separators -Reflex Germany /American Wheatly USA
  • Air Vent -Reflex Germany /American Wheatly USA
  • Expansion Tanks or Pressure Vessels - Reflex Germany, CIMM S.p.a Italy/Nema Turkey/Wa tes Turkey
  • ASME Expansion Tanks - American Wheatly USA
  • Vacuum Degassing Systems - Reflex Germany

Hydronic Accessories

  • Suction Diffusers - American Wheatly, USA
  • Multi Purpose Valves - American Wheatly, USA
  • Buffer Tanks - American Wheatly, USA 
  • Basket Strainers- American Wheatly, USA
  • Fabricated Steel Suction Diffusers 

Electric Motors 

  • ABANA Turkey
  • Teco Singapore

Hot Water Storage Tanks

  • Reflex Germany



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