About Us

UNIQUE General Trading LLC was established in 2007, specializing in Air elimination and Control products to the building services projects as well as to dealer networks across UAE and Middle East. We specializes in Engineering and Trading of Electromechanical Products by employing Qualified Staff. Our Sales teams are qualified to provide client with efficient solutions. Associated with reputed brands across globe, the company deals with products such as water pumps, Air separators, Air dirt separators, Pressurization units, Vacuum degassers, Hot water Storage tanks, Buffer tanks , Air vents, Pressure vessels/Expansion tanks, Electric motors, Fabricated Suction Diffusers to name a few.

UNIQUE fully staffed service department provides required maintenance, services and Engineering solutions to trouble shoot problems during start up, commissioning or normal operations. Our Service staffs are trained of different products we supply and with available tools enable us to attend any service calls within hours.


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