Cypress Corporation LTD

Our Core Values

  • Our Clients and partners
  • Performance and Execution
  • Teamwork
  • Credibility
  • Ethics and Professionalism

Our Company

The soul of the Cypress Corporation LTD has been expressed over the years through an exceptional experiences. We have provided with the ability to continue to thrive in today’s fast paced world. Having had limited resources, we started our business by focusing on motivational principles, which in turn become the core values of our business. We have also been able to build strong connections providing us with effective results in making our projects and business flourish.

Our Team

Managed by a highly skilled and well-experienced team of professional. The team comprises of pioneer in fields Telecom Carriers and Mobile Operators.

The company focus is to create a single entity that will benefit all telecom companies we currently represent and will represent in the future.

Global Team

For over 24 years worth of achievements and success, Cypress Corporation LTD is expanding to many Countries.

Cypress Coporation Ltd has representatives and branch offices in several countries within the MENA region.

Our Point of Presence

Having a strong and wide relationships with many of the Arab Telecom administrations we are able to offer: Consulting Services for new international services, in all fields such as Commercial; Technical; Contractual and to provide the necessary lobbying to develop and facilitate the international carrier’s business activities of Telecom and Mobile Operators.

Our assurance for the countries like UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya is to give our business the highest priority possible and conducted in a timely and precise manner.

Our Service

  • To facilitate the negotiation process between companies and their end customers
  • To provide the necessary information about the latest prices and rates.
  • To provide the necessary lobbying to develop business activities
  • To support the Telecom Carrier in offering the best rates for the voice and data services to the client
  • To help the Telecom Carrier in rating their voice and data services to compete other carriers in the region.
  • To support the Telecom Carrier in offering the best offers for capacities purchase cases required by the client
  • To facilitate any band width contracting between the Telecom Carrier and the client.